Monday, January 22, 2007

Surreal Weekend.

I'm still processing the events of the weekend and I'm reluctant to say anything until my mood swings settle down a bit. I'm trying to keep myself composed but it is becoming more and more difficult. To say that I don't feel 100% is an understatement. I don't feel much at all. Numb. The next couple of weeks are going to be bitter/sweet; I'm going to Big Day Out, my favourite day of the year. I'm also going camping which I haven't done for 10 years. But some of the holiday i've longed for is going to be taken up with moving my life from Alexandria, the place I have called home for almost 5 years, back to my parents' house in Concord West... Minus 1 very special person.

I can't believe it.

They say every cloud has a silver lining... I'll keep you posted.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Illustration Friday: 80s

Get it? 8 x Es? Terrible, I know. I'll have more time next week.


Thursday, January 18, 2007


I just checked the mail. My 5yo niece certainly has impeccable timing.
I love Chloe too.

You have GOT to be joking

After a shithouse day at work I walked home and after meeting Chris at the front door we walked down to the park to soak up the last of the sun on the grass. I was jotting a few ideas down in my journal when I was interrupted by a woman saying, "Sparky, NO!"

I turned around to find a dog lifting it's leg and pissing on my shoulder, I quickly moved out of the way trying to save face but unfortunately I gave the dog a clear shot on my journal and everything I had just written.

The woman apologised emphatically. I said it was OK, although I wanted to ring the fucking owner's neck. Chris was still laughing as we approached our door and I completely cracked it. After a shower and change of clothes I am ready to go out and I can almost see the funny side of it.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

Episode :: one

Source :: code

Jerk :: -ing off

Introduce :: me

Ralph :: vomit

Stare :: bear (what you looking at, stare-bear?)

Cast :: -rated

Scenario :: interchange

Flu :: shots

Mad :: racket


Monday, January 15, 2007

Best. Party. Ever

Went to Bad Dog with Chris, Muzz, Juzz and KT yesterday. The theme was "Summer Karnival" and almost everyone got dressed up. What a cracker of a party it was. So many nice people. Great music. Great theme. I just wish I could do it all over again, I can't wait for the next one. *sigh*

Sunday, January 14, 2007

This just made me cry

I just saw this on Video Hits. What a beautiful, beautiful song.
Ordinary People by John Legend.


Busy Saturday

I started off the day with a healhty breakfast of leftover spaghetti bolognaise pizza (yes, you read right). I needed some carbs to get me through my workout, OK? Went to gym and did an hour of cardio. Picked up a few things at IGA supermarket. Did some housework.

We went to the bakery to visit Kev and caught up on all his melbourne adventures and got fed by his mum. She made these crispy omelette pancake things filled with savoury mince with prawns and bean sprouts in it. You cut some off of the omelette and then wrap it in a lettuce leaf with mint and cucumber. Very tasty.

After driving to the art shop to pick up a few supplies we popped into the Impy to have a quick beer with Ange who is in Sydney for the weekend. Soon after we headed over to Murray's for dinner and poker with Geoff. It was that kind of poker on the TV (I don't know what it's called). I finally understand how it all works. I was really getting the hang of it towards the end but I need to work on my poker face and not telling people when I was bluffing... which was most of the time. I might even be tempted to play at the Raglan one Friday night.
Bella being cute


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Exquisite Corpse

This corpse was uploaded today. I did the final panel. The image looks a little top heavy and my panel is rather subtle in comparisson to the others, but all in all I think it's very successful. I especially like the title.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Thought for the day.

Ignorance is bliss, but willful ignorance is so complicated. Self delusion is a full-time job.


Illustration Friday: Buzz

To keep myself busy between exquisite corpse slices I have registered on

Each Friday I will receive an email containing a new topic to inspire me to create an Illustration by the following Friday. This is what I came up with this week.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Thursday Morning"

I had such a great time on Wednesday night it inspired me to write this poem:

Stirred from dreams of the past by a familiar tune,
Stumbling; in thought and action I delay the racket.

Dozing, a simple pleasure, memories of a schoolnight keep me from sleep.

A simple pleasure.

A hot shower; a simple pleasure. Hot coffee. ZING


Sunshine reminds me it's Summer, sweat reminds me of dehydration.
Hopes of sunny spells in 9 days time.

Tired legs carry sorry bones over a trodden path, but I feel so alive.


Wild'n'Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday afternoon Chris, Murray and myself walked to the Iron Duke hotel for what was to be a quiet meal to line our stomachs before this concert (Limp Wrist, an American gay punk band). Upon entering the pub we had to wade through a bunch of drunk locals "bidding" on something.

I ordered our drinks and received some tickets and Maxi Money. I forgot all about it until someone came and asked me what my ticket number was. Before I knew what was happening I was in some crazy pub thong (the flip flop variety) race with 5 other people for the chance to win 5 schooners or a $20 meal voucher. It was all good fun and everyone got into the spirit of things. I didn't win anything but I'll be heading down there again on a Wednesday night when I don't have to work the next day.

We arrived at Manacle at about 8:30 to a somewhat tentative crowd. The tunes were quite cool. We were treated to a cover of "Gay Bar" which I quite liked. There was also a Pauline Pantsdown remix which was really funked up.

After plenty of beers the place finally filled up with what can only be described as an eclectic crowd (and very friendly too I might add). I ran into a few old faces and also met Stompy for the first time in real life which was cool. I met a couple of new people as well who I will most likely run into at Baddog on the weekend. When the band finally started I couldn't help laughing my arse off. It was supposedly punk music but it sounded more like thrash to me. I wasn't the only one in fits of laughter. After enduring 3 or 4 songs which seemed to go for no more than 1 minute each, Muzz and I went to find Chris who made an even earlier exit.

It turns out Chris was right up the front and got hit in the head with something right at the beginning and the singer voiced some concern for his wellbeing. After the band finished we hung around for a bit and Chris introduced me to the singer (I use the term loosely) who was terribly sweet and really fucking hot. I might be mistaken but I have a feeling that their popularity might be linked to his on stage presence and rugged good looks (these photos don't do him justice). Running around half naked in a red jock strap kind of grabs your attention.

I took this video which isn't the greatest quality but I don't think the sound is much different from what I actually heard. The footage is a bit wobbly as I was laughing uncontrollably. You can make up your own mind here.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Don't you hate it when you're a bit pissy and you type the wrong track number into the jukebox? Last night I treated the Raglan Hotel to this little gem.
The bar chick was most impressed. I found myself singing along.

Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Goals

I've never really been one for New Years Resolutions but I feel there are some things I'd like to do in 2007. Writing them down (or typing them in) seems a good place to start.

•Get a new job before July
•Create more art
•Get PADI license
•Get out of Sydney more often/see more new places
•Go Camping
•Reach and maintain a healthy body fat %
•Buy a bike (a pushie)
•Make a cartoon
•Get back into yoga
•Make my blog entries shorter (you wish!)

2006 meme

I know you've all been waiting with baited breath. So here it is. Consider yourself tagged.
Celebrity of 2006: Britney Spears

Clothing item of 2006: Basement Jaxx Tshirt, courtesy of Trina.

Drink of 2006: Coopers Sparkling

Event of 2006: Big Day Out

Flavour of 2006: Japanese. The first video is the warp speed sushi train in Paddo, the second video is Sushitrain (Sushit rain) in Newtown.

Fragrance of 2006: BVLGARI BLV

Movie of 2006: Little Miss Sunshine

Performance of 2006: Tom Middleton at Sounds on NYD

Regret of 2006: Not gardening earlier, I've enjoyed it so much.

Song of 2006: Tim's tune - Muzbot.

Unconscious Mutterings

Incomplete :: messy

Bobby :: cop

Chopstick :: sushit rain

Trauma :: ambulance

Hesitate :: scared

Leap :: s and bounds

Magnify :: burn

Yards :: get metric, idiots

Alexander :: the great

Fracture :: break

You can play too

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Flinders Friday, Sushitrain Saturday

On Friday night I went to the Flinders Hotel with Chris and Muzz for Bears night. I haven't been to Bears night since it was at the Beresford Hotel almost 5 years ago. There were a couple of familiar faces and quite a few people I have chatted to online that I hadn't met before, so that made the excursion worthwhile. After the Flinders died down a bit we headed to Manacle (which I also hadn't visited in as many years).

It wasn't as butch and intimidating as I had remembered it being (maybe I'm just not intimidated as easily anymore) but I ran into David who I hadn't seen in a while so that was nice. I also ran into Katie80's friend, Paul, who said he was heading to Club Kooky... I would have happily followed if I wasn't so pissed.

Yesterday Chris and I did a spot of shopping after enjoying Sushitrain for a late breakfast (this conveyor belt was running at a much more leisurely pace). Then we started preparing for the Yeeros dinner we were to share with Muzz. Dinner was nice. We watched Howl's Moving Castle which made a hell of a lot more sense than it did the first time I watched it, and backed it up with The Guru which never fails to crack me up.

I'm back to school tomorrow, not really looking forward to it all that much, at least my bosses won't be there.

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Walk In The Park

I caught a train over to Museum train station today then walked up to Paul and George's place. After visiting the shop and saying hello to Ileni and George.... Paul and I grabbed some sushi train for lunch. The conveyor belt seemed to be at warp speed but we stuffed ourselves for under $20 each.We wandered around Centennial park soaking up the sun and walking off our lunch. It was such a beautiful day.

After our walk we watched some trashy TV at Paul's place and a song which has been going around in my head for weeks was on TV so I managed to get it out. Dirty Jeans by Magic Dirt.

We were then treated to the UK version of The Weakest Link which completely cracked me up. That woman is a complete bitch. I thought the redhead Aussie version was a piece of work, but this English chick really takes the cake. Implying a 40 yo man was a virgin, telling another man his breasts were larger than those of Lara Croft and asking another woman what she thought her boyfriend saw in her.

It almost makes me wish I had pay TV.

Unconcious Mutterings

Resolution :: solution

Happy :: sad

Bubbly :: champagne

Kiss :: tongue

Leather :: kinky

Fancy :: dress

Pages :: yellow

Stupid :: girl

Apologize :: emphatically

Secrets :: desires

You can play too

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Catch-up, Part 2, NYE/D

The morning of NYE Chris and I started off in Woollahra with a large coffee each. That suburb is so weird. It's like a little country town in the middle of the city. You want to hate the people who live there but you just wish you were rich enough to afford living there. It actually reminded me a bit of Melbourne. Very cosmopolitan.

Next we drove to Bondi to check out how Shore Thing (the party we were going to that night) was going to be set up. After driving past the beach and getting very excited at the enormity of the production, we drove to the look-out where out car park was stolen by a Rabbi.

Unperturbed we drove around some streets we had not ventured down before and discovered this beautiful walkway. (I would love to jump onto the grass area and do yoga there of a morning as the sun was rising)

After lunching at La Perouse we headed home and cleaned the house and shit in preparation of the evening's festivities. Jackie arrived at 6ish and we headed over to Bina's for some warm-up drinks. We left there at about 9:30 and walked down to Bondi and waited in line to enter the party.

Some of the patrons were so off their guts and it wasn't even 10:30 yet. It wasn't long before I was reminded why I swore off going to Fuzzy events. (So many dickheads, understaffed, overcrowded etc) I kept reminding myself that I would be witnessing a Basement Jaxx performance in less than 2 hours so I should try and ignore the dickheads and find a prime vantage point for the concert.

Vantage point claimed I left Chris and Jackie and got some beer. It wasn't long before I needed to do a wee. After some shithouse directions from a security guard I discovered the sea of people and portaloos and waited.
I made it back to my crew with 10 minutes to spare. Midnight was an explosion of fireworks directly overhead (debris was falling on us - it was kinda cool), hugs, kisses, well wishes and screaming.
Basement Jaxx started their set with Jump and Shout and it fucking ROCKED. Tracks that followed were: A cover of JT's Sexy Back, Hush Boy, Take Me Back To Your House, Hey You, a jazzy version of Red Alert, an acoustic version of Romeo with harmonies (which was beautiful), Lights Go Down (kind of killed the party mood), Good Luck and Bingo Bango. Fucking great set.
We left straight after they finished their set and headed home where we met Lloyd and Mitchum on our roof. We were soon joined by Andrew, Justin and Reed and we partied the night away.

Lord knows when everyone left but I met up with Muzz at some point in the afternoon at the pub for a NYE/D debrief followed by dodgy Chinese food and sleep.

Parents say the darndest things.

Den and Gez (Mum and Dad) came over for lunch today. We sat on the roof and enjoyed smoked salmon, prawns and a green salad washed down with soda water and red wine. After lunch we lazed in the sun and chatted as we watched the world go by.

Conversation between Den and myself turned to the park seen in the picture. She enquired as to whether there were any bindis in the park. I told her I didn't think so and wondered to myself why she would want to know, it's unlikely she would want to bring the grandkids here being so far from home. She went on to say she has been looking for bindis everywhere.

I asked her what the fascination with bindis was all about and she told me they were a late Xmas present for her neighbour. She planned on collecting some and throwing them into his yard. She went on to tell me that when dad finds onion grass in his lawn he rips the bulb off and throws it over the fence into their yard.

I love my parents.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Catch-up, Part 1, Pre-NYE

I stole this pic from here.

On the night before the night that was a bit "out of focus"... Murray and I discussed the year that was over a beer or 2, what we had accomplished and what we wanted from 2007. I mentioned that I wanted to get my PADI License (SCUBA License) and Muzz excitedly infomed me that his mate was a divemaster and that he might be able to organise a simple dive to see if I actually liked diving prior to me forking out $400+ on the course.

"How exciting!", I thought.

I woke up the next day at about midday (see how lazy I've been these holidays!?) and not long afterwards I received a text message from Muzz asking if I wanted to go on a dive that afternoon. "Did I?!"

Heck yes, girlfriend.

I cleaned up the house a bit and got all my shit together. I met Muzz and Geoff at Muzz's place and got a crash course in SCUBA equipment. I was very excited and a bit nervous. I was getting a 4 day course compressed into half an hour... or so it seemed.

When we finally walked into the water at Shelly Beach I felt quite strange. I love the beach and swimming but I felt so bulky and uncoordinated. After I finally got the hang of breathing (one would think 26 years of doing it would be enough practice) and some words of encouragement from Geoff and Murray I surrendered to the beautiful underwater world.

The only reminder of the hundreds of scantily clad bodies sprawled across the sand were the snorkellers floating above my head, they would sporadically come into vision as they tried to dive to our depth, unsuccessfully trying to get a glimpse of what lay dirctly in front of us.

Ocassionally I forgot to breathe when I got distracted, scared or excited. I almost shat myself when a very well camouflaged stinray stirred up some sand and darted into the distance not far from where we were. After that I was really paranoid when swimming near any of the stingrays (stupid crocodile hunter). I saw gropers and loads of other fish that I didn't know what they were. I also spotted some (fish) eggs on the kelp that we swam through.

It was a really surreal experience walking out of the water at Shelley beach with all this SCUBA equipment on, we followed the path down to the car and managed to walk through a wedding ceremony which I thought was pretty funny.

So I got to go on a dive and I loved it. I felt really spoiled and completely safe with the boys and I can't wait to get some more dives (and my licence) under my belt in 2007.

Happy New Year!

I'm still feeling the after-effects of NYE/D celebrations and I'm not quite up to doing a catch-up post just yet.

I have been avoiding the computer over the break but I jumped on this morning to check me email and see what today's exquisite corpse was and realised that one of my works had been completed. I am a bit disappointed with the result and I had a bit of a rant in the comments section.

I didn't put loads of time into this one, and the slice I followed on from was less than inspired (in my opinion) so I don't feel too ripped off.

I've done some cool stuff in the last week or so, will update soon.