Thursday, May 31, 2007

May was pretty damned ok.

I've been very lazy in the world of blog lately. So here are all the fun things i've done recently...

Architecture in Helsinki - Went and saw them with K and C at the Metro... they were very good but it was over all too quick, their set went for just over an hour. Their live performance is quite amazing, constantly swapping instruments and lots of energy. The finale was "Whirlwind", a whole bunch of people were invited up on stage and formed a conga-ish line, much like the film clip (one of my fave film clips ever).

Kooky - So much fun. Great tunes, great people, made some new friends, ended up at J's place where hilarity ensued.

Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert - Went and saw this with C & J (a different J *wink*). What a spectacle! Amazing costumes, fabulous sets, great music, beautiful singers. You couldn't help but leave with a smile on your face. If i can get my hands on some cheap tickets i'd like to take Mum along to see it.

Baddog "Old McBaddog had a farm" - This event has overtaken BigDayOut as my favourite day of the year, and even better than that, they have 3 of them a year. Monday (the day after) was all about happy sighing. I got to catch up with lots of friends, talk shit to super-friendly strangers, and when I dropped my phone on the dancefloor and it disappeared I knew that it would come back to me... and it did. Oh, and the music kicked arse. Did I also mention that I pashed the hottest cowgirl there? :) (and hottest cowboy ie C).

iMac - My old 20inch iMac, Izzy, had an unfortunate accident and has been replaced by a new 20inch iMac. I am still waiting for the righ name to come to me. It's very pretty though.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fo' shizzle, skizzle?

Not being hip with all the "youngspeak" it was brought to my attention yesterday that "Fo' shizzle nizzle" means, "for sure, nigger". I am not usually a fan of African-American slang used in Australia but I thought we could Australianise it a bit if we insist on using it.

Fo' shizzle skizzle - For sure, skippy (for those non-Australians reading, sometimes white aussies get called "skippy" by non white Aussies in reference to Skippy, the bush kangaroo - its not very offensive, much like "cracker-ass" has nowhere near as much punch as "nigger" has)

Fo' shizzle, wizzle - For sure, wog.

Fo' shizzle, nipple?

It has become apparent that I didn't really think this through... I think i'll stick to, "no wuckers".

For non-skippies reading:

No wuckers = No wuckin' furries (fuh-reez) = No fuckin' worries.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mr Happy?

For some reason I always seem to be wearing my Mr Happy tank top when I'm hungover or coming down.

Do I really think I'm fooling anyone?


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good to be a grunger.

Yesterday at about 1pm I was given the good news from a friend that he had successfully organised some tickets for Chris and I to see silverchair at their sold out show at the Enmore Theatre. I was going to try and surprise Chris, but if I have learnt anything in the past 5 years it's that Chris has an uncanny way of knowing if I am trying to surprise him... then he annoys the hell out of me until I cave in and tell him, thus ruining the surprise and giving me the shits. So I rang Chris, told him the good news and he found it difficult to contain himself.

We had dinner and then a few warm-up dinks where I ran into my cousin who was also going to see silverchair. Upon entering the Enmore I notice they had removed all the seating in the back section downstairs. The crowd eagerly awaited the beginning of the show and as soon as a curtain was dropped to reveal a stunning backdrop which took inspiration from their new CD cover, I knew it was going to be a great show.

They opened up with Young Modern Station which is one of my fave tracks off the album. They played most of the tracks off their new album, the highlights being Straight Lines, Losing Sleep, and Those Thieving Birds.

They also took the crowd on a trip down memory lane with favourites off their various previous albums. I didn't realise how much of their music I was familiar with. There were a couple of tracks I didn't know and found it difficult to hear because the crowd was singing along with such gusto it was hard to hear Daniel at all!

What a show! So much crowd participation and so much love in the room... not to mention the flashy lights (I'm quite big on flashy lights). I received an SMS from my cousin near the end of their encore which really summed the performance up for me: "Amazing".

He also sent another message: "I love women and I wanna fuck him.... ?"

You really can't blame him though. Daniel Johns is a very talented man.

It was nice to revisit my "grunger" past and I think I'll be seeing a lot more rock-bands in the near future.

Friday, May 04, 2007

My new favourites...

I got Chris the new silverchair (is it still spelt with a lowercase "s"?) album for his birthday and managed not to rip it to my ipod before giving it to him (albeit a few days early). It's really fucking good. Each track seems so different from the rest and with the help of my other new favourite...

...I have had different tracks jumping in and out of my head all day.. not knowing where they came from and then realising they are off Young Modern.

I think my fave track at the moment is still "Young Modern Station" and it absolutely rocks with the new 6isolators. It's kind of funny to think back 10 or so years ago when I saw silverchair play (at my first concert) at UTS at an all ages festival called "stomp" where I first fell in love with Frenzal Rhomb. silverchair tore it up, but they weren't really my thing... their new sound, or should i say sounds are really amazing.... I can't wait to see them live again

Walking to work just got a whole lot more enjoyable. Pushing my old Sony inner earbuds into my ears every couple of minutes was such a pain in the arse.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I did something constructive today

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

some purty pictures

I've been a little reluctant to blog lately, I've been weirded out a bit after hearing that some people who I hardly know read my blog. It's not so much that they read it, but they don't make any comments and they haven't told me that they read it. I know that I only have myself to blame. I understand that I have divulged quite a bit of personal information on here and anyone with internet access can read it so I can't feel violated as I have left this page public.

I was going to make my blog private but I've come to the decision that I'm not going to blog so often, and I'm going to leave my posts a bit more ambiguous.


Weekend was great.. the highlight was seeing Wicked Beat Sound System at the Factory theatre... They are my favourite Aussie band and I've never seen them headline a show before. They played all my favourite tracks and I was lucky enough to share the experience with 3 really good friends (I got them all tickets for their b'days, bunch of bloody Taureans ;). I also bumped into someone cool that I met on ANZAC day when I was too drunk to swap details so that was a bonus.

I took some pictures over the weekend that I thought were cool.

This is even worse than the "CAR" number plate

Is it just me or can you see Spidey's cock?

Cityrail worker earning his money