Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

Costume :: Design
Beg :: on your knees
Hottie :: doggie
Celebrity :: Skin
Saturday :: night
Buckle :: belt
Doorbell :: SeƱor Ding-Dong
Rude :: 'tude
Absence :: makes the heart grow fonder
Hyper :: speed

You can play too

Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend in review.

Friday night had lamb chops for dinner, then met up at the pub with Murray for a few bevvies, got some takeaways and had a few more beers at home with Murray and Chris.

Saturday just pottered around, Alex and D came over for dinner, we got Pizzalicious pizzas; Tandoori chicken (5/5), and El Rancho (4/5). The Tandoori Chicken tasted like butter chicken with a cheesy naan bread.. it had cashews on it as well. Very nice indeed. watched a few episodes of Gordon Ramsy's Kitchen Nightmares... very watchable.

Sunday did a spot of shopping at Banana Joe's, wandered up to the Gowings factory outlet (sooooooo many bargains - I am going to stock up on undies there next weekend). Baked some pumpkin scones and took them over to Reed and Justin's and scoffed them down with jam, butter, cream and tea. Murray came over for a couple of Beers in the afternoon, then Paul and George came over for dinner.. spag bol.. very nice.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I've got a golden ticket...

After crapping on about my dream this morning I opened my email and discovered that I'd been successful in the Big Day Out ticketing ballot. YAY! What a great way to start Friday, especially after the shithouse day I had yesterday.

The sky was pretty freaky this morning, I took this pic on my way to work from the gym.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Pizza Dreams

Last night I dreamt I was having sex with 2 childhood friends, who were in fact brothers. It was at my parents house in the front bathroom before it got renovated, in the bath. We got interrupted by something before we finished.

The next thing I remember was house-sitting for an old school friend who lives a few doors down from my Uncle's place. I ordered 2 pizzas from pizzalicious and I kept them warm by leaving them on the BBQ (the bases were SOOOOOO crispy). When my friend's mum arrived a few days later she couldn't believe her eyes. I haven't seen her in years and I was a bit flabby last time I saw her.

Then I was "working out" and I could see my KGs dropping (there was a number in the corner of the "screen") as I lifted weights. It kind of turned into an episode of The Biggest Loser and the other contestants were having real troubles putting on the Thai fishing pants we had to wear.

Other cameo appearances include: My Production Manager, an Old School friend who was a very talented musician who was hosting a DJ battle at some community centre (which also happened to be the house I was housesitting). An old estranged fuckbuddy/friend who I have lately come into contact with. I was also playing cricket at some point.

And at some point I was on Oprah and Suzanne Summers was there and there were these women wearing those weird body stockings that reshape your flab into looking more curvey. There was some Lesbian couple trying them on to get ready for their wedding.

Lamb chops made an appearance, and my brother Kev got this huge red goon/bladder that hung from a wire that was full of wine. My mum gave it to him for some reason. It was as though camping was his new thing.

The more I remember of this dream the more disjointed it becomes.


Sunset yesterday on the way to indoor climbing.

Dry cement and pimped up dreams

Chris picked me up yesterday afternoon and I spotted someone about my age jump the council barriers to attack the wet cement, it brought a smile to my face to know I wasn't the only one to get so excited about such things. I wasn't jealous though. I think it's because I have left a significant mark on Bourke Rd. Its time to find new locations with wet cement.

I had a weird dream last night - just for something different - It involved Murray and myself starting up a "pimp my ride" internet business where you could put in your make of car, select all the modifications that you wanted to make and you would see it all appear beforte your very eyes on screen. The dream took a strange turn and the next part I remember was Lynne Scully from neighbours lying to all her friends saying she had picked up a new client, Krusty Krustofsci (aka Krusty the Clown). Then I was at some big jewish celebration with some amazing food that I didn't get to try.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

More wet cement

As I rounded the bend on Bourke Road near Bunnings this morning I saw that some council workers had been busy again and had laid some more cement. It was so shiny and wet they must have just packed up their van and left. I found a suitable stick, bent down and started getting to work but the cement was too wet. How annoying.

I don't know if it was from the drizzle or if it was just too fresh but I'll walk home that way this afternoon and have another crack at it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

Stuff :: it deluxe

Block :: party

Ingredient :: garlic

Flagrant :: disregard

Dandruff :: selsun blue 5

Betty :: boo

Tide :: up

Judges :: Iron Chef

Take it easy :: The Eagles

Chef :: Chocolate salty balls.

You can play too!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hardcore New Shoes

I dropped into the Reebok factory outlet on the way home from the gym (I just started my new program and I am going to be in a lot of pain tomorrow). I picked up this nifty pair of black leather sneakers for a bargain price. They are G-unit shoes, the ones they used 50 Cent to advertise them. Luckily the G unit is embroidered in black thread on black leather so you can't really read it... I still feel hardcore though. Also a cloud I saw on the walk home.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


As I walked home yesterday afternoon I noticed that some of my "vandalism" of wet cement had been repaired/removed. It appears as though someone came back with some more cement and spack-filled where my name was. The stupid thing is you can still read my name. I just can't believe anyone would bother with it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Goodbye myspace, hello Blogger.

After 4 posts using my myspace.com account I'm just not satisfied with the user-friendliness of the site. Come to think of it, I've had a real gutful of the whole myspace experience. Its a complete wank. People "pimp" their pages with seemingly no regard for how they will appear once they have stuck 4 billion you tube links on there and a semi translucent back drop on all their tables which makes trying to read anything near impossible.

Then there are the random (ugly) people who message you to be their "friend" when you have no idea who the hell they are. Then you look at their profile and realise they are some loser poofta with 150 twinky friends. I don't want to be added to their collection of pretty pictures, like some kind of trophy.

Then there are the "cool new people" that myspace advertise on your homepage. Firstly, they aren't new, they are on rotation with about 30 other people. I've checked a few of them out, and only one of them has been cool, more often than not they have their profile set to "private" so you have to send a friend request just to see if they are in fact cool at all. Its all too complicated.

In the brief introduction that blogger has given me I feel quite at home already. The interface is very easy on the eyes, and I am not having to deal with constant pop up messages telling me that it doesn't like Safari.

So I guess I'm trying to say, fuck off myspace. I've got a new toy, and its way shinier than you ever were.