Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Old skool weekend

I started my weekend on Thursday night at the Newtown hotel. I met up with Greg for a beer and they tried the mexican place across the road for a burrito, Gomez and Guzman I think it is called, I can definitely recommend it. It's a little bit pricey but tastey nonetheless.

We watched Greg's friend perform a very entertaining strip tease to Peaches' "Shake your bits" in their weekly competition. He ended up winning and by the time it was last drinks we were all rather sauced. (We being various acquaintances and mates who happened to be there including Puppet)

I dropped into the Impy on the way home for a "quiet beer" but as some more people from the Newtown arrived asking for donations so they could put every Spice Girls song from the jukebox on, I knew I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

I think I got home at about 3/3:30ish. I made it to work on time and completely hit the wall at 2pm. I wanted to cry, vomit and cut out the section of my brain that was throbbing.

I got an SMS from Reedstar on the way home asking if I'd like to catch up for a beer. Seeing as I had slept through our planned brekky that morning I thought it was the least I could do. 1 beer turned into many and we had a rockstar style party with Juz at their place. Home at 3am.

Saturday I got up about midday - what a treat - and hit Newtown for some retail therapy. I ran into Davey on the way and had a beer with him. The rest of the day I pottered around and drank beer finishing up with a burger from the cauliflower hotel. Very good burger.

Sunday I went to Jen's place for her birthday lunch. What a spread! I ate so much cheese and drank quite a bit as well. It was great meeting some more of her friends and not surprisingly they were as lovely as she is. Before I knew it I was rather drunk and it was 10pm. That didn't stop Chris and I from dropping into the Newtown and leaving there at closing time.

It was a rather alcohol fuelled weekend but I had lots of fun. (Hence the old skool title).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

crap, culture, cackling

Jackie invited me to some random performance at the PACT theatre last night. Her friend was involved with it somehow. We had dinner at the Rose and had a smoke on the way to the theatre. We were almost the last ones in. We found some seats in the back corner of the scaffold tiered seating and got comfortable on the big, fluffy cushions. Just as we were settling into our seats we noticed an older gentleman clambering up the scaffold narrowly avoiding several accidents. There were a couple of vacant seats to our left but it would have meant more tricky navigating for the man.

The man seemed to be trying to acquire a position for his posterior between the people in front of us. One of these people, Iain (by coincidence Jackie knew him), was only too kind to direct him to the seats adjacent to us, then, upon realising how hard they would be to get to, he gestured that the man sit between me and Jackie. We gave each other an "I don't fucking think so" look before the tension was broken by Iain saying "Why don't you sit between us, Dad"

Can you believe it? What an arsehole? Jack and I tried to stifle our laughter at how poorly this man had been treated by his own son but we were saved by the director(?) saying a few words.

We were apparently at a showcase for the Brave New Theatre Company which gives up-and -coming actors, script writers & directors a chance to showcase their talents (or lack thereof as it would turn out). She spoke very poorly and didn't make much sense, but I worked it out later.

The first performance started and I thought to myself "Oh god, not an hour and a half of this!" 2 minutes into it and Jackie glanced in my direction. I didn't look at her but I started giggling at the absurdity of the performance. I hoped to God she wasn't laughing. I spent the next 5 minutes staring at the ceiling in an inaudible fit of hysterical laughter. My belly ached.

It was hilarious and terrifying. If I made any noise Jack would start and then I wouldn't be able to stop. I eventually contained myself and tried to understand what the fuck was going on, unsuccessfully.

The house lights came on and before the applause began Jack half whispered to me, "what the fuck?" and I completely lost it, luckily my laughter was hidden by the half-arsed applause.

The second performance was another whole-lot-of-nothing with sporadic bursts of stifled giggling from me and Jackie. Third performance was ok, nothing to write home about.

The fourth performance was hilarious. It started with a very loud, brash, American woman (Kitty Green) making quite an entrance. She gave the impression that she was about to start a show and she was directing audience members as thought they were her crew so that they might be able to meet her requirements. It soon became apparent to her that her taxi driver had taken her to the PACT theatre, not the the Sydney Entertainment Centre for her 3 day seminar, "Believe, Receive, Achieve".

While she waited for her "people" to come and collect her, she was going to squeeze her seminar into 7 minutes for us, at no charge. I was in tears of laughter. "Alright now, I want everyone to close their eyes. You should be seeing black, now". Think Tony Robbins meets Dr Phil with the voice of Bo from Ab Fab.

It was a fun night out and the 3 average performances certainly made Kitty Green all the more entertaining.

I can't work out if I had more fun laughing when I shouldn't have been, or laughing when I was allowed to. Either way my abs got a great workout.


I'm not THAT boring.

If I go back to the long weekend that is when my existence got a lot more boring. I felt a bit of a tickle in my throat so I missed out on a couple of events I wanted to attend. The next weekend I was broke. The next weekend I got sick on the Friday and didn't recover for 10 days or so. Last weekend I had a stupid stomach bug and didn't get up to any mischief either.

So my life has been rather uninteresting of late.

Points of interest (for me anyway - just smile and nod politely, ok?):

•C and I were invited to Dinner with Greg, Jenn and Didier and were really looking forward to it but we were still both sick in bed with that cunting virus so we missed out. We were both disappointed so when my housemate went away I took the opportunity to have a BBQ at my place. It was a really nice afternoon and the steaks were fucking enormous. I took this pic when I meant to take a pic of the steaks. Oh well.

•Club Kooky - Spooky. I'd been looking forward to this for ages but my excitement got the better of me and I got a bit too carried away early on. I still had fun but I was kind of annoyed at how the evening turned out. Best laid plans etc... Still, there is a nice pic of me and Davey.

Things I bought:

•Fish tank - YAY!
•eyeTV (TV for my mac)
•Ottoman which folds out to a bed.

Still waiting on delivery on the bed and ottoman. I wish they'd hurry up.


Monday, July 09, 2007

Brief problem

On Saturday I had lunch with my family to celebrate Mum's birthday. After our meal I went outside with my nephew to throw a footy around (he is 4). Conversation turned to Ninja Turtles and my nephew was more than eager to show off his Ninja Turtle undies.

"How cool are they!?" I exclaimed, wondering where I could find myself a pair of Ninja Turtle undies.

I'm "Bonds man" and refuse on spending exorbetant amounts of cash on 2Xist, CK, Aussiebum undies when they are quite boring designs(and not very good quality in most instances). I could, however, make an exception to my "bonds only" undies rule for some cool Ninja Turtles briefs.

Today I have spent a little while online trying to get my hands on a pair of Ninja Turtle undies, but disappointing results led me to believe they might be a bit of an obscure market, so I started searching for Spongebob undies instead. All I can seem to find are satin or cotton boxers. Where are the briefs?

To be continued.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bad dream

Last night I had a dream that I went to watch a game of cricket... and worse than that, I didn't have any drinking money.