Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm not THAT boring.

If I go back to the long weekend that is when my existence got a lot more boring. I felt a bit of a tickle in my throat so I missed out on a couple of events I wanted to attend. The next weekend I was broke. The next weekend I got sick on the Friday and didn't recover for 10 days or so. Last weekend I had a stupid stomach bug and didn't get up to any mischief either.

So my life has been rather uninteresting of late.

Points of interest (for me anyway - just smile and nod politely, ok?):

•C and I were invited to Dinner with Greg, Jenn and Didier and were really looking forward to it but we were still both sick in bed with that cunting virus so we missed out. We were both disappointed so when my housemate went away I took the opportunity to have a BBQ at my place. It was a really nice afternoon and the steaks were fucking enormous. I took this pic when I meant to take a pic of the steaks. Oh well.

•Club Kooky - Spooky. I'd been looking forward to this for ages but my excitement got the better of me and I got a bit too carried away early on. I still had fun but I was kind of annoyed at how the evening turned out. Best laid plans etc... Still, there is a nice pic of me and Davey.

Things I bought:

•Fish tank - YAY!
•eyeTV (TV for my mac)
•Ottoman which folds out to a bed.

Still waiting on delivery on the bed and ottoman. I wish they'd hurry up.



At 11:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like there was a lot of action in the toilets at kooky. You should check out Mutleyjames LJ and Curskinville LJ to see what THEY got up to.... I love my friends


At 4:36 PM, Blogger Muzbot said...

Have always had a bit of a crush on Davey... He's a cutie! Looks like you were having fun.

I wish I had of been able to make it to Kooky. It's been ages since I had a fun night out. Any word on the next Bad Dog?


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