Friday, June 15, 2007

Grub at the Grotta Capri

Last night Chris took me to dinner at the Grotta Capris at Kensington. Upon entering the building I thought I was going to break my ankle. A series of underground "rivers" covered by thick clear perspex weave there way between tables and chairs. After the initial shock I looked around to see what can only be described as bizarre decor which can be seen in scenes from "Muriel's Wedding" as well as other movies and TV shows.

We were shown to a table and we sat there with smiles on our faces as we admired the absurdity of the decoration. 3 tonnes of shells were cemented to the walls, "stalacites" covered with fairy lights hung from the ceiling, fishtanks were built into the "cave" walls and murals of deep sea and beach scenes.

The menu was mainly seafood and all gourmat Italian style. We decided to have 2 entrées each and share a dozen oysters. The oysters were enormous and tasty. The octopus was the best I had ever had. The coconut prawns were like a cross between deep fried icecream and prawn cocktails. Dessert was choc full of calories and so worth it.

I could not fault the food and although I was full when I left, nothing was too heavy or rich. I'll definitely be heading back there, but next time I'll go on a Friday or Saturday night when its busier and they have live music etc.

5 stars.



At 8:32 AM, Blogger seymour said...

Don't go there and be given special k. especially when youre already on something huggy. And if Johnny Knoxville is there, you dont have permission to cop a long feel of his arse. Even if it's halloween. OK, he didnt flinch at the time, But apparently he was nervous...Im just saying thats all...


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