Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fo' shizzle, skizzle?

Not being hip with all the "youngspeak" it was brought to my attention yesterday that "Fo' shizzle nizzle" means, "for sure, nigger". I am not usually a fan of African-American slang used in Australia but I thought we could Australianise it a bit if we insist on using it.

Fo' shizzle skizzle - For sure, skippy (for those non-Australians reading, sometimes white aussies get called "skippy" by non white Aussies in reference to Skippy, the bush kangaroo - its not very offensive, much like "cracker-ass" has nowhere near as much punch as "nigger" has)

Fo' shizzle, wizzle - For sure, wog.

Fo' shizzle, nipple?

It has become apparent that I didn't really think this through... I think i'll stick to, "no wuckers".

For non-skippies reading:

No wuckers = No wuckin' furries (fuh-reez) = No fuckin' worries.


At 2:15 AM, Blogger seymour said...

check yo self, my homo-y

every one can be a pretenda online


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