Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Retaliation, Rocking & Relaxing

Friday night Mitchum (my housemate) celebrated his birthday at our place with an all-out cocktail party. I first had dinner with Chris and lined my stomach with a huge thai feast and lots of rice to soak up the alcohol.

Upon arriving, guests were greeted with a "Marie Claire Martini" (just as alcoholic as a standard Martini). As I would be helping host the party I figured I should start off with a couple of beers rather than hit the cocktails.

The first cocktail I had was a long island iced tea which was perfect. My thought of a perfect Long Island Iced tea is one with generous splashes of 5 white spirits, and when you drink it you can't taste the alcohol.

I met loads of cool people, got rather drunk, and almost got in a fight. *gasp* Well, I don't know if that is exaggerating a little bit, but by my standards my actions were out of line and violent.

Someone who I had met on a previous occasion managed to push one of my buttons that instinctively made me grab his shirt, twist and lift. As in to say: "back the fuck off". He promtly grabbed his boyfriend and left. I don't want to go into too much detail because I haven't spoken to this person since, and I would rather resolve the issue privately than have my thoughts somehow get back to him without me first talking to him.

I was pretty upset on Saturday morning though, I think it might have been mild shock. I haven't been in any sort of fight since year 6. It's certainly given me a lot to think about.


Saturday morning Chris and I grabbed some breakfast and walked over to Centennial park for the V festival (he surprised me with a ticket last week). We patiently waited outside as the organisers kept us waiting past the official opening time of 12:30. I got a call from Bina and as soon as I answered the call I spotted her through a sea of people.

She quickly found us and introduced us to her new(ish) boyfriend, Matt.

Chris very innocently started asking Bina a question:

Chris: Was Matt the first guy you...

Bina: Yeah, but he only put it in that far and it hurt so we stopped"

Chris: I was going to say KISSED

I couldn't stop laughing. Everyone laughed. Then Bina tried to change the subject and she started laughing even more. I think we finally composed ourselves a couple of minutes later. This snapped me out of the mood I had gotten myself in from the previous evening's events.

We got inside, got some beer and found ourselves listening to Modular DJs. They were pretty cool but you can't expect too much from the first DJ set. There were horrible clothes EVERYWHERE. Fluro is back, and young kids were wearing really terrible 80s fashion.This kid in yellow was a complete toolRandom fluro gurners

We kind of wandered around for a few hours, getting drunk, shopping. We stumbled across a tent that wasn't on the map. It sold tobacco products and was pumping out some really cheesy tunes. It was completely going off. We spent the next few hours in there dancing and being dickheads.Bina and
Chris being dickheads
Boys being boys

As we found a place to watch "The Rapture", a random girl that Chris and I had spoken to earlier appeared. I had jokingly said "See you at the Rapture"... along with a few thousand other people. After greeting her and laughing a friend popped her head out screaming "TIM". It turned out I knew the random girl's sister. I freaked out but was interrupted yet again. This time it was Alex and D. Can you believe it? Thousands of people in the crowd and I bumped into all these people at once.Moshpit - The Rapture

Anyway, Rapture were pretty fucking good. Me, Chris and Bina rocked it hard but I wanted to leave a little while before they finished their set so I could check out Groove armada (who started late anyway). Groove Armada fucking went off. I had such a great time dancing. A couple of times I closed my eyes and got completely lost in the music. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and I couldn't wipe the stupid, ear to ear grin off my face (and I wasn't off my face either).

They dropped this track second to last (before "Superstylin'"). It was really fucking cool

We made it a couple of songs into Pet Shop Boys but dehydration, exhausted and sore feet were too much to handle, so we tucked our tails between our legs and wandered home before collapsing into bed.

My only criticisms of the day were the waiting and the horrific markup on food and drinks. Waiting seemed to be the theme for the day; waiting to get into the gig, waiting for beer, waiting for bands. Beers were $6.50, soft drink was $4.50. A bit rich if you ask me. (at least the beer was Coopers)

We got out of bed on Sunday at about 9am and spent the majority of the day lying in the park reading the paper and trashy magazines. It certainly recharged the batteries.Chris took this in Alexandria Park, such a beautiful Autumn day



At 4:29 PM, Blogger seymour said...

Great recap mister. So glad you fellas went.
And grrrrrreat to see you at Kooky!!! Thanks muchly.

At 1:14 PM, Blogger wwwoof said...

nice undies chris! lol


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