Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good without God.

A member of my family has a habit of sending me whatever funny racist emails are going around the internet at the time. I usually get annoyed, delete them and pretend I never got them. I know better than to try and change their way of thinking about certain subjects.

I got two emails off this person today, and both of them were of the funny racist variety. They they were both so stupid and ill-informed that I really wanted to show this person how ignorant they can be.

I thought I would find an anti-Catholic email and send it their way to see how they liked being on the receiving end of someone disrespecting their beliefs. I couldn't really find anything suitable on the net when I searched.

I drafted this email:

Hi ******,

I really don't like receiving these racist emails.

I had a look on the internet to see what I could find in the way of anti-Catholic emails, but when I searched google for "catholic hypocrisy" I was daunted by the task of sifting through 1.1 million results.

Please don't send them to me anymore.

x Tim.

I thought about it for a little while, then deleted the middle paragraph and hit send.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School, art, thin, beer.

I've been on school holidays for the last week and a half, and I haven't known what to do with myself. I usually have a voice in my head telling me that I should be doing schoolwork, but I've been wandering around in a bit of a daze.

On Monday I had a friend model for me for an art project that I'm working on. I hadn't worked with a model before, and I think I rushed the process a little bit. Having looked through the photos last night I realised some things I could have done differently, but I'm pleased with how it is going so far, and some of the images have real potential.

In other news, I'm thin. I don't exactly know when it happened, but I looked in the mirror the other day, and I've definitely shed some KGs. I'm up to week 7 of my "Couch to 5km" program and I can now run for 25 minutes non-stop... go me!

I had a few friends over for beers on Saturday, and although it was a bit of a novelty, I'm not really into booze anymore. Weird.

Here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on (click to enlarge):

Monday, May 17, 2010

Whoa-oh, I'm half-way there

Whoa-OH! It's time to have a be-er!

What an intense couple of weeks I've had! After handing in my fist two assessments I had three weeks to complete another two 2000 word essays. I handed in my last assessment yesterday morning, so I'm feeling a great sense of relief and accomplishment.

I got two of my assessments back from being marked; I received a Distinction and a High Distinction. Woo-hoo! Last year I gave myself an incentive to get a High Distinction which I'd reward myself with a tattoo, so I'm thinking I'll get one when I'm in NYC. I'm going to base it on this design:

Yes, I know, I'm a nerd.

Last week I also hit 100 days of being alcohol free. I'm really used to it now, but I guess that's also because I'm not going out a hell of a lot.

I've decided to have a bit of a piss-up at my place next weekend. There are some people who I've missed having a beer with, and dare I say they've missed having a beer with me too. So I'm going to have a blow-out, regroup, then I'm back to water and diet coke until I fly out in August.

Only 104 more sleeps until I fly out, and only four more essays between now and then.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My first overdose

When I was about 12, my mum bought a tin of Milo for us kids. With four kids in the house a tin of Milo never lasted very long. After I noticed the tin in the cupboard I thought to myself, "Fuck my brothers and sister, this time I'm going to make sure I get my fair share".

That afternoon I made up a glass of Milo, probably about a 50/50 mix of milk and Milo. It was delicious. After that I made myself another glass, then another glass. It was excellent and I was very pleased with my greediness.

That night I woke up during the night with a really itchy head.

I scratched and scratched and scratched.

When I got up in the morning, bleary eyed I checked my scalp for what I assumed was knits (having never had them before). There was no sign of knits, so off to school I went.

As the day progressed my neck started to get itchey, so

I scratched and scratched and scratched.

By the end of the day my entire torso was covered in enormous hives. Mum took me to the doctor who told me that it was the worst allergic reaction he had ever seen. It seemed to be subsiding so he left me with the warning that if it went anywhere near my mouth, or if my tongue started to swell, to get my arse to hospital.

A couple of hours later I was playing with my neighbours. I noticed my lips were getting a bit tingly, so I told mum and she took me straight to hospital. When I arrived they gave me some strange little blue pills, and then gave me an injection in my stomach. Hardcore! I hung around for a couple of hours, and went home as right as rain.

The doctor told me to write down everything I had eaten in the last 24 hours to see if I could identify anything new I had eaten which may have caused the allergic reaction. Milo was obviously the culprit. When you look at the Nutrition Information Panel (or NIP if you are in the packaging business) on a Milo can, a suggested serving size contains twice your recommended daily intake for pretty much everything, including vitamin A, B, C etc.

It's no wonder my body freaked out.

I haven't had any Milo since.


Monday, May 03, 2010

super gay

Pasqual, me, and some randoms.

Things really picked up since my trio of cancellations last week.

I went out to dinner with Leesa, Huon, Robin, Ange and Aaron on Wednesday night. I hadn't seen any of them in months so it was nice to catch up over dinner and eat way too much Peking duck. On the walk home I felt so completely content, and loved (and stuffed). I was a little amazed at how such a low key event could make me feel so good.

On Saturday I had my last class for Counselling Skills 2. It was bittersweet. I really hated going to school on Saturdays, but the day always flew by because it was practical, interesting and engaging. Let's hope next term is as rewarding.

On Saturday night I went to Club Kooky. The theme was Kooky Super Gay. I had trouble deciding whether to wear my Britney and Madonna kissing t-shirt with leather pants, or my pink overalls with rainbow t-shirt. I opted on the latter.

The music was really good. Really, really good. I danced for hours and hours which I haven't done in ages. I caught up with lots of people I love, and I didn't really bother engaging with any new people which was ok.

Pasqual and me.