Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Target Demographic

A few years back I signed up with a market research company. Every week or so I receive an email containing a brief questionnaire to see if I am suitable for some upcoming paid market research. I recently received a questionnaire regarding a particular product segment. I tweaked my answers to what I thought the target demographic would be, and bingo! An hour later I received a phone call booking me in.

I forgot how fun market research can be. Nine people from all walks of life who would usually never cross paths, talking in depth about what they want and need, brain-storming ideas and laughing a lot... for two hours, then leaving, never to see each other again.

Although it was a really late session (finishing well past my bed-time) I felt completely energised on the way home. I guess I miss the creative work at Toolbox a bit, but I don't miss the clients, or the fuckwit account manager (who I'm told is hated by all the new people who work there).


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