Monday, April 12, 2010

Nothing better to do

This year I decided on four priorities that I wanted to focus most of my energy on:

1) Go to New York City

I've bought tickets, booked some accommodation, and savings are slowly growing. I'm on my way!

2) Study

I've been pretty good with my studies. I've done most of my reading, and I've practically finished two essays that aren't due in for another two weeks.

3) Health/Fitness

Not drinking since January has definitely improved my health, but my fitness is still in need of some work. I walk to and from work each day (25 minutes), but I need a bit more of a challenge. After work today I am starting the Couch to 5km program. In nine weeks I should be able to run 5km non-stop. My diet is fucked, but I am slowly working on that.

4) Fun

I just realised that fun is at #4 in my priorities. This is in complete violation of my mantra, fun is number one. I must be getting old. I'm not having as much fun as I usually do, but this is in part because I am not spending as much money on fun as I used do, as well as an increased study workload. I have a new friend who is also studying and claims to want to do fun and cheap things, but every time I check his facebook he seems to be off to the Opera House, or a $150 dance party.

So I guess I'm slowly getting there. It's nice to reflect on my progress over the last few months. It seems that I just need to have more fun, I used to know how to do that...


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