Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend in review.

Friday night had lamb chops for dinner, then met up at the pub with Murray for a few bevvies, got some takeaways and had a few more beers at home with Murray and Chris.

Saturday just pottered around, Alex and D came over for dinner, we got Pizzalicious pizzas; Tandoori chicken (5/5), and El Rancho (4/5). The Tandoori Chicken tasted like butter chicken with a cheesy naan bread.. it had cashews on it as well. Very nice indeed. watched a few episodes of Gordon Ramsy's Kitchen Nightmares... very watchable.

Sunday did a spot of shopping at Banana Joe's, wandered up to the Gowings factory outlet (sooooooo many bargains - I am going to stock up on undies there next weekend). Baked some pumpkin scones and took them over to Reed and Justin's and scoffed them down with jam, butter, cream and tea. Murray came over for a couple of Beers in the afternoon, then Paul and George came over for dinner.. spag bol.. very nice.


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