Friday, October 27, 2006

Pizza Dreams

Last night I dreamt I was having sex with 2 childhood friends, who were in fact brothers. It was at my parents house in the front bathroom before it got renovated, in the bath. We got interrupted by something before we finished.

The next thing I remember was house-sitting for an old school friend who lives a few doors down from my Uncle's place. I ordered 2 pizzas from pizzalicious and I kept them warm by leaving them on the BBQ (the bases were SOOOOOO crispy). When my friend's mum arrived a few days later she couldn't believe her eyes. I haven't seen her in years and I was a bit flabby last time I saw her.

Then I was "working out" and I could see my KGs dropping (there was a number in the corner of the "screen") as I lifted weights. It kind of turned into an episode of The Biggest Loser and the other contestants were having real troubles putting on the Thai fishing pants we had to wear.

Other cameo appearances include: My Production Manager, an Old School friend who was a very talented musician who was hosting a DJ battle at some community centre (which also happened to be the house I was housesitting). An old estranged fuckbuddy/friend who I have lately come into contact with. I was also playing cricket at some point.

And at some point I was on Oprah and Suzanne Summers was there and there were these women wearing those weird body stockings that reshape your flab into looking more curvey. There was some Lesbian couple trying them on to get ready for their wedding.

Lamb chops made an appearance, and my brother Kev got this huge red goon/bladder that hung from a wire that was full of wine. My mum gave it to him for some reason. It was as though camping was his new thing.

The more I remember of this dream the more disjointed it becomes.


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