Friday, January 05, 2007

A Walk In The Park

I caught a train over to Museum train station today then walked up to Paul and George's place. After visiting the shop and saying hello to Ileni and George.... Paul and I grabbed some sushi train for lunch. The conveyor belt seemed to be at warp speed but we stuffed ourselves for under $20 each.We wandered around Centennial park soaking up the sun and walking off our lunch. It was such a beautiful day.

After our walk we watched some trashy TV at Paul's place and a song which has been going around in my head for weeks was on TV so I managed to get it out. Dirty Jeans by Magic Dirt.

We were then treated to the UK version of The Weakest Link which completely cracked me up. That woman is a complete bitch. I thought the redhead Aussie version was a piece of work, but this English chick really takes the cake. Implying a 40 yo man was a virgin, telling another man his breasts were larger than those of Lara Croft and asking another woman what she thought her boyfriend saw in her.

It almost makes me wish I had pay TV.


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