Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Xmas (is over, so) Cheer!

I'm finally sober and I've decided I can face my computer without it making me feel like I'm at work.

The last week of work was horrific; the orders just kept on coming and clients were asking for completely unreasonable delivery dates. I told them I'd sort it out next year, we'll see.

The work Xmas party was ok. The restaurant, Buon Gusto in Chippendale, was the venue. I wouldn't bother going there again. The food was boring and overpriced. I wasn't too fussed when we found out that it was an Italian restaurant, I figured some of their specials would be, well, special. They weren't, and I didn't get anywhere near as drunk as I did last year.

Chris and I managed to do all of our Xmas shopping on the Friday morning before Xmas and it all went rather smoothly. Xmas eve Jackie came over and we exchanged gifts and had a few glasses of champers.

Xmas day went to my sister's house for "brunch". Was fun watching the kids go spastic over some presents, and being not so fussed by other presents. 1 out of 3 of my presents was a winner. I wish they'd hurry up and get old enough to just want money.

We left my sister's at about 1pm and headed home so we could have lunch with Muzz. We called it boxing day eve so we could try and lose some of the Christmassyness of the day. It was so quiet and relaxed after the morning I'd shared with my family. It made me question more and more what exactly Xmas is. It's supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus to some, but then they still cram the Santa crap down their childrens' throats.

I came to the conclusion that Xmas is what you make it. I think most of it is a wank but I still had a fantastic, love filled day.

So now I sit in the void that is the week before NYE/D. It's nice knowing work is more than a week away so I am just coasting along taking life as it comes. I'm not being proactive in any way whatsoever. I'm feeling rather lazy and fat, but I can worry about that in the new year.


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