Monday, December 18, 2006

The wonderful weekend

Friday night saw a great start to the weekend. The Neighbours series finale didn't disappoint with Toadie taking a bullet in the final moments. One can only hope that he dies and Katya kills herself out of guilt for his death. KT popped over just as Neighbours was finishing and although we hadn't chatted properly in ages she was thoughtful enough to let me watch the final minutes and only chat during commercials. Aren't I a terrible host?

After the shock of Toadies potential impending death had subsided, KT and I walked over to the Glenroy Hotel to enjoy a nice Thai meal in what is usually a very quiet hotel. There was an Xmas function on and there were loads of poorly dressed, straight, drunken men kissing each other goodbye and displaying other homoerotic behaviours. It was very weird. We were later joined by Chris for dinner and Katie from Sri Thai still looked after us and presented us with 3 roses as we were leaving. 2 yellow and 1 red.

I bought myself a 6-pack on the way home as I was quite thirsty. I uploaded the images from KT's camera onto my puter and we looked thru 600 or so of her snaps from Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. It was enough to make anyone jealous. Reed and Justin dropped in at about 9:30 and a mini-party ensued.

Saturday was spent in bed, it looked like such wonderful gardening weather outside but I found that the bedroom blinds helped me forget about my plans.

Sunday morning I felt like my hair was too long. #2 just wasn't cutting it anymore so I trimmed to #1.5... then eventually to #1. I'm loving this short hair. I think I'm going to go to #.5 this weekend and I might even go to #0 A.K.A "no comb".

After showering I chucked on my trackies and spent a few good hours in the garden. Bella and Hermes kept me company as I shovelled, trimmed and pruned. The sun felt great on my head.

We headed over to Mitchum's at about 1pm and enjoyed a BBQ steak with green salad. I downed a few beers and started feeling thirsty again so I picked up a 6-pack on the way home. Brendan, the bar guy, was interested to know what DVDs we were watching when we got home. Chris tried to make out that it was no big deal but Brendan was very curious so he thoroughly inspected our very gay DVD selection that we'd borrowed from Mitchum:

•Brokeback Mountain
•Kath and Kim Series 3
•Gimme Gimme Gimme
•Golden Girls Series 1, 2 & 3

How embarrassing.

Muzz came over to share a few beers and an episode or 2 from Gimme Gimme Gimme & The Goodies. The night (and beer) disappeared as we watched episode after episode of the Golden Girls while eating Chicken Express.

Lots of beer, junkfood and sleeping made for a top-notch weekend. And the fact that I did some gardening made up for all my overindulging.

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At 4:47 PM, Blogger ycheekymonkey said...

No gym, sounds like a good weekend! I simply must see your hair, photo and blog please.....

and where are your mutterings?

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Muzbot said...

"Saturday was spent in bed, it looked like such wonderful gardening weather outside but I found that the bedroom blinds helped me forget about my plans."
My favorite words from you this week, spunk.


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