Thursday, January 04, 2007

Parents say the darndest things.

Den and Gez (Mum and Dad) came over for lunch today. We sat on the roof and enjoyed smoked salmon, prawns and a green salad washed down with soda water and red wine. After lunch we lazed in the sun and chatted as we watched the world go by.

Conversation between Den and myself turned to the park seen in the picture. She enquired as to whether there were any bindis in the park. I told her I didn't think so and wondered to myself why she would want to know, it's unlikely she would want to bring the grandkids here being so far from home. She went on to say she has been looking for bindis everywhere.

I asked her what the fascination with bindis was all about and she told me they were a late Xmas present for her neighbour. She planned on collecting some and throwing them into his yard. She went on to tell me that when dad finds onion grass in his lawn he rips the bulb off and throws it over the fence into their yard.

I love my parents.


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