Thursday, January 04, 2007

Catch-up, Part 2, NYE/D

The morning of NYE Chris and I started off in Woollahra with a large coffee each. That suburb is so weird. It's like a little country town in the middle of the city. You want to hate the people who live there but you just wish you were rich enough to afford living there. It actually reminded me a bit of Melbourne. Very cosmopolitan.

Next we drove to Bondi to check out how Shore Thing (the party we were going to that night) was going to be set up. After driving past the beach and getting very excited at the enormity of the production, we drove to the look-out where out car park was stolen by a Rabbi.

Unperturbed we drove around some streets we had not ventured down before and discovered this beautiful walkway. (I would love to jump onto the grass area and do yoga there of a morning as the sun was rising)

After lunching at La Perouse we headed home and cleaned the house and shit in preparation of the evening's festivities. Jackie arrived at 6ish and we headed over to Bina's for some warm-up drinks. We left there at about 9:30 and walked down to Bondi and waited in line to enter the party.

Some of the patrons were so off their guts and it wasn't even 10:30 yet. It wasn't long before I was reminded why I swore off going to Fuzzy events. (So many dickheads, understaffed, overcrowded etc) I kept reminding myself that I would be witnessing a Basement Jaxx performance in less than 2 hours so I should try and ignore the dickheads and find a prime vantage point for the concert.

Vantage point claimed I left Chris and Jackie and got some beer. It wasn't long before I needed to do a wee. After some shithouse directions from a security guard I discovered the sea of people and portaloos and waited.
I made it back to my crew with 10 minutes to spare. Midnight was an explosion of fireworks directly overhead (debris was falling on us - it was kinda cool), hugs, kisses, well wishes and screaming.
Basement Jaxx started their set with Jump and Shout and it fucking ROCKED. Tracks that followed were: A cover of JT's Sexy Back, Hush Boy, Take Me Back To Your House, Hey You, a jazzy version of Red Alert, an acoustic version of Romeo with harmonies (which was beautiful), Lights Go Down (kind of killed the party mood), Good Luck and Bingo Bango. Fucking great set.
We left straight after they finished their set and headed home where we met Lloyd and Mitchum on our roof. We were soon joined by Andrew, Justin and Reed and we partied the night away.

Lord knows when everyone left but I met up with Muzz at some point in the afternoon at the pub for a NYE/D debrief followed by dodgy Chinese food and sleep.


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