Monday, August 27, 2007

buddies, beer, burgers

Friday afternoon I was pretty fucked. I could feel myself getting sick. I lay in bed while I watched Neil and co swim around the tank for a couple of hours and chatted to my mate in Melbourne for a good hour. I felt much better after that. I'd been thinking of him a lot recently so it was nice to know he was doing ok.

I had planned to watch a few episodes of Six Feet Under but I got all inspired to start my new blog. 4 hours later I went to bed.

Saturday I went to that live green thing in Vicotria park. It was pretty crap but I got some free light bulbs. Then I went to the pub with KT and Gabriel to celebrate her birthday. Hours and hours later I stumbled home after catching up with lots of people I love and haven't seen in ages.

Sunday I bought myself a cushion for my ottoman and visited some friends on the way home. Then I caught up with Ross for a few beers and a great conversation. I think it was the first time I'd had a real one-on-one chat with him and we both enjoyed it.

Re: Burgers in the post title... burgers are all I seemed to eat all weekend.


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