Monday, April 07, 2008

Tim lets loose x 3

I still don't have internet at home so I'm having to blog from work when I find a spare moment.


Last Friday morning I organised to have breakfast with Reed and Jus. I hadn't had a whole lot of sleep the night before and I was a little hungover. I dragged my sorry arse out of bed and wandered over to our usual café anyway.

After about 10 minutes of catching up with the boys, the "Dog woman" arrived with her 2 white, fluffy yap dogs in tow. As usual they came right up to the door of the café and greeted everyone by barking. I find this particularly annoying, but I understand it is there way of saying hello to the staff whom they see every day.

This particular morning the dogs were more excitable than usual. They were barking so much that they made Jus lose his train of thought mid conversation. I turned to the dog woman and said "Excuse me", but she couldn't hear me over the dogs. "EXCUSE ME CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT YOUR DOGS UP, THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS".

She quickly shooshed her dogs and after a brief uncomfortable silence we got back to our breakfast.

A few minutes later Reed whispered to me, "You're my hero"

heheheh. I've been wanting to tell that stupid bitch off for months.


That same night I caught up with a few friends at the Oxford. A few beers down all I could smell was cigar smoke (in the middle of the bar, which is non-smoking). I realised there was a woman next to me smoking so I politely informed her that she was smoking in a non-smoking area and that she could smoke outside (5 metres away).

"Ok" she said and smiled as she looked back up to the TV screen and took another drag. I gently escorted her to the door by shoving her. She was compliant until she got about a metre from the door before she started saying "Don't you fucking touch me"

After she finished her cigar outside she came up to me and starting saying "Don't you ever touch a woman, how dare you" blah blah blah. Pointing her finger at me.

"Don't smoke in a non-smoking area"

"Ok fair enough, but don't you ever fucking touch a woman, I'll fucking kill you... " blah blah blah.

By this point I had lost interest and had started laughing at her and the people I was with were all telling her to fuck off.

She kept giving me death-stares all night. Very funny.


Saturday night I was hailing down a cab on Oxford St (I had patiently been waiting for 10 minutes). A vacant cab approached so I waved him down. He drove 10 metres past me to pick up a good looking mid twenties woman.

I was furious.

"That's my fucking cab" I screamed. I started running towards the cab. My friends hailed another cab down and told me not to worry.

I ran up to the cab, opened the door and gave the cab driver a piece of my mind. The woman offered me the cab but I told her she could have it. After what I'd said to the cab-driver I think he had good reason not to let me in the cab... a little too much colourful language.

I don't exactly know what happened over the weekend... but it wasn't a good idea for anyone to try and fuck with me apparently. Hopefully this week people will be a little more sensitive to my needs.

1. No barking dogs when I'm hungover
2. No smoking in no-smoking areas (duh)
3. No cab drivers who don't play by the rules (I think I might just have to avoid cab drivers all together, they seem to be getting worse)



At 4:48 PM, Blogger Tom Cat from Bondi Beach said...

well good on you = agree with your actions 100%


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