Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Best Friday Ever

For the last 5 years Chris and I have made a habit of breaking away from our Christian upbringings by eating (forbidden) lambchops for breakfast on Good Friday, and backing it up with a shitload of booze etc*.

It has always been a very exclusive gathering with no more than 6 or so people attending. This year we had about 15 participants (most of whom could walk home within 5 minutes) and people were encouraged to dress up if they felt so inclined.

It was rather debaucherous. 16 hours after it started I collapsed into bed and it took a good few days to recover. Thank little baby Jebus for the Easter long weekend.

One of our guests took a shitload of photos, most of which were out of focus, although none of us could tell at the time.

Here are a select few which I think capture the day.

Good Friday is by far my favourite day of the year.

*use your imagination


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