Thursday, September 27, 2007

Birthday, beer, bah!

Birthday was ok. Mike at work asked how i was feeling abd it seemed he genuinely cared and believed i was sick (it probably helped that I didn't stop coughing all over everyone all dfay, Mike got sick too... hehehehe). I was looking for an opportunity to talk to Meredith (the director) all day but she was flat out and left for Noosa in the afternoon.

I went to dinner with Chris and popped his Trivia cherry at the pub (and he liked it). It was nice to see him.. it had been a while. He got me a really hot leather bag. We went to the park afterwards and smoked it up and laughed about trivial shit.

On Monday Meredith had arrived back to work and I approached her about what had happened previously. I told her I had friends who worked in discrimination and workplace relations and they were both appalled at what had transpired over the phone when i was sick.

She was REALLY apologetic and she said it was discrimination before I had a chance tomention it. I had thought she was a woman with some integrity and apparently I was right. By the afternoon I had received a written apology from Mike which wasn't really worth the paper it was written on but I realise that he didn't know what he was saying and I know that he doesn't have an issue with me OR gay people.

I told him I haboured no hard feelings and I'm happy to move forward.

I'm still deciding if I want to stay in this job... but I figure I'll give it 3 months anbd see what happens. Some days I enjoy what I'm doing, other days I feel like I should be doing something with more of a community focus... helping people somehow.

Oh well. We'll see what happens


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