Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another blog

Work is so fucking slow at the moment. I've printed, scored and packed all of the place cards for my brother's wedding which is this Saturday. I also printed, cut and packed all the mass booklets.

I've read all my blogs, emailed all my estranged friends (thank you facebook).

I downloaded a new CD. (Ladytron)

I'm uninspired by Illustration Friday's Fail as a hint to draw something.

I was invited by a friend to contribute to a blog. 4 of us pass the day scouring the internet for whatever we find amusing and share it with one another vie email. We thought it might be worthwhile to share our findings with the world.

Being a blog there are of course no rules, so I uploaded something hastily to get a post under my belt.

There isn't much there, and I need to make a pretty header for the page, but stick it in your bloglines or links or whatever and come back and check it when you remember.

water cooler view down under


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