Monday, April 14, 2008

Better late than never

A few weeks back I went to the V Festival. It was much smaller than last year, but the crowd size was much more manageable. Bands were actually starting on time this year which was a nice change from last year.

I started off the day with Cut Copy and they were pretty fun, I had a good dance and bumped into some friends on the dancefloor.

I caught a little bit of Roison Murphy but she was kind of annoying me so I caught up with Jackie and went for a wander.

Next up was Air. Jackie and I found a nice patch of grass about 100m from the stage. We lay down and watched the clouds as we listened to the amazing sound of Air. We also got to watch the sun setting which was pretty amazing. Inm the distance it had been showering on and off all day and I wished it would rain at the festival for a bit. As we lay there on the grass a cloud came overhead and sprinkled on us for a few songs. It was beautiful. "It's God saying hello" I said to Jackie. (for the record: I'm not affiliated with any major religion)

About 10 minutes before the end of their set we got up to go and see CSS. Unfortunately for me the timetables they handed out the door was not the timetable that the bands were playing to. For this reason I only heard the last song from CSS's set which I was REALLY looking forward to. I was really fucking pissed off so we left. As soon as i got home i bought a ticket to CSS's sideshow at the metro and I saw them on Tuesday night.

Fuck they were fun.

While we waiting for them to take the stage a guy came out and decorated the stage with helium balloons. Then he started handing out helium balloons to people in the crowd.

It gave the whole concert a birthday party atmosphere. Very fun indeed. I love CSS. Lovefoxx is the shit.


At 8:11 AM, Blogger seymour said...

And so are you dear sweet man. Thanks for an awesome one!


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