Monday, July 14, 2008


The arrival of the Pope in Sydney for World Youth Day has sparked much discussion about Religion. The ridiculous laws that have been introduced (one can be arrested and charged $5,500 for wearing a Tshirt with a slogan deemed "annoying") and has fuelled a lot of hate towards the Catholic church.

I consider myself a recovering Catholic. I don't have anything against the Catholic Church, I just don't agree with loads of their beliefs although I still find myself brainwashed into the whole "guilt thing" (13 years of Catholic school does that to you). People are free to believe whatever they want, even if it is a crock of shit, it's the forcing of one's opinion on others that shits me.

Well they say you shouldn't speak about Religion or Politics, but when you are a bit trashed and sitting with some close friends who share similar views it's quite easy to let rip.

Saturday afternoon Chris had a BBQ which got a little messy (I still haven't had a drink, I'm up to day 42 of being booze free). People started getting creative and sharing their ideas for "annoying" T-shirts when someone remarked that Religion should be illegal. It made me think that Religion would be so much cooler if it was forced underground.

Last night I went to this church, it was set up in some old warehouse - you had to ring a special number an hour before mass started to find out where it was. They had this beautiful projection of a crucifix on the wall that that kept pulsating. It looked like it was breathing. The priest was totally righteous... and the hymn selection was divine. We must have said mass 3 times. The communion wafers had stamps of IHS on them, and they had a split on score on the back. I was exhausted by the end of it but I felt heavenly. It was put on by some guys called the Catholics or something? I got a flyer for this other thing put on by Raelians next week, its got pictures of UFOs and shit on it, it looks mad.



At 2:30 PM, Blogger joe*to*hell said...

dear GOD i feel your pain. when that idiot rolls into town, people turn into strange creatures. its frightening....the recent trip to new york turned everyone into blubbering was vile.


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