Friday, June 06, 2008

i love Redfern

I went to the Dr this morning to try and get rid of this nasty throat infection I have. He was a bit concerned so he wanted to "swab" it. This involves shoving an oversized ear cleaner halfway down your throat. He complimented me on not flinching. I wanted to tell him my gag reflex left me years ago, but I thought it may be inappropriate.

Anyway, I went to the nearest toilet (which happens to be across the rd from a huge public housing development) because the Dr wanted a urine sample as well. I couldn't help but hear the yelling through the window. I think by their standards they were only actually talking to each other but they were either drunk, high, or only capable of yelling to communicate.

Man: But I saw you with the fucking gun.

Woman: But I live with a solicitor, I didn't know she was setting me up.

Man: Awww fuck.

I wish I heard the rest of the conversation.



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