Monday, May 26, 2008

Eurovision 2008

The Eurovision Song Contest is a highlight of any year for me. I love spending Sunday afternoon sinking a few beers and laughing along with Sir Terry Wogan's hilarious commentary on performances jam-packed with woeful singing, cheesey costumes, bad hair and excessive make-up that only Europe seems to be able to produce.

This year SBS pushed the timeslot of the show back to capture a bigger Australian audience so the afternoon piss-up didn't really happen but it was still an entertaining show.

I had quite a few favourites this year. Armenia's song was probably the one I most wanted to get up and dance to, but if you missed the show I'd recommend watching
Azerbaijan's entry. It encapsulates everything eurovision should be. Bad costumes, theatrical, bad singing, bad song, bad make-up AND it came in at 8th place out of 25 countries.

(just sit tight through the 40second intro - it's worth it)

Boznia&Herzegovina took out the "WTF Award". Very entertaining.

I'd also recommend checking out Spain's entry for some entertainment.

And if you want some extreme Euro-trash, you can't go past Iceland's entry.

Russia won the competition, the song was pretty shit, but they had an ice-skater on the (very small) stage, I think that's what took them over the line.



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