Sunday, December 03, 2006

The weekend so far.

Friday night Chris and I met up with Mitch and his man Paul (who we hadn't met before - lovely guy) at the Glenroy. They filled us in on their adventures to the USA and made me realise I really need to get my arse out of Australia and see some more of the world. We hadn't been to the Glenroy for a while and Katie had really missed us and spoiled us rotten to ensure we hurried back. We drank qute a few beers and got to bed around midnight.

Saturday morning we went to the Metro for a while and in my efforts to avoid making eye contact with a certain relative I ran into an old friend, Matt... so that was a a pleasant surprise... the Metro never fails to deliver. Saturday arvo I went to the gym and on the way back I discovered some wet cement. How lucky am I? I titled this one "Untitled" it is about 100m down the road from "Concrete 2"

Saturday afternoon I headed over to Billy's place. We grabbed some Japanese for dinner (sashimi, yum), had a few beers and then when Billy got all inspired he started shooting some shots of me. He spent quite a few hours trying different lighting effects and flash settings, it was quite interesting to be a part of and observing how different effects were created. He took some great shots, I'm really excited to see the results.

Woke up early this morning and had yumcha for breakfast, did some shopping at Banana Joe's. Might grab a few beers with Muzz this arvo if he is thirsty.


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