Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sarah Blasko and stuff.

I went to see Sarah Blasko perform at the @newtown last night with Jackie (Kev and Katie80 rocked up later). It was a pretty good performance although I didn't like what she was wearing (I can be such a fag sometimes). I think her performing style would be better suited to a sit down venue so people would be less inclined to stand at the bar getting pissed... and chatting the whole way through... like me.

She played lots of her old stuff which was good, her new album is great but much more quiet than her older stuff.

I took photos but my phone is having some issues. I'll try and update them at a later date.

I'm currently reading the Questions and Answers that I downloaded from the RTA website to prepare for my Learner Driver's License test. Wish me luck.

Did you know that you can drive in a bus lane if you are in a hire car? I shit you not.


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