Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bina's Birthday & Idol Finalé

After all the excitement of Lanecove I caught up with Muzz for a couple of beers to hear about his Adventure Race. Sounded pretty fun, Him and Judo looked like they both caught a bit of sun (or were suffering from hypertension).

I went home and got my shit together and headed to Bina's 30th birthday party at "The Eastern" at Bondi Junction. It was a beautiful venue. We stayed there until about 12:30 but i started feeling a bit crook so we went home earlier than anticipated. Bina looked gorgeous and it was nice to catch up with her friends.

After a cruisy sunday of chatting online and working on my next corpse, Chris and I headed over to Paul and George's place for Thai pork burgers complete with Lime aoli and sweet chili sauce, corriander and something else I can't remember. For dessert was a watermelon slushee which was really yummy. I'm, going to have a crack at making it and adding vodka over the Xmas break.

We watched Idol which was pretty average. The Irish bloke won. I liked Jess better but didn't really care. They are both doomed to be B Grade Celebrities for the rest of their lives. I'll see Jess at Burwood RSL in 20 years time. I can hardly wait.


At 9:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh believe me, as you know, there was tension...maybe not hypertension, but there was tension... :)


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