Thursday, March 01, 2007

Look what I got...


We got the keys and signed the lease yesterday afternoon. Still arguing over who gets the big room but I am a bit over it to be honest. As long as I am not sleeping at my parents place I don't really care.

I haven't had a good night's sleep in a while thanks to stress and my parents' arsehole neighbours who think 2:30am is a good time to take the bins out to the street. Then they think 5:30am is a good time to "talk" to each other (they must be half deaf the way they scream at each other). 6:30 am is a good time to honk the horn to say goodbye. Tomorrow afternoon will be a good time to tell them to fuck off.


Anyway, tomorrow afternoon Chris is going to help me move my stuff in and then I will officially be back in "the 'hood".


At 12:55 PM, Blogger Muzbot said...

I can here the champagne corks popping already! Woohoo, my buddy is back in town!

At 4:00 PM, Blogger puppet said...

beers & cheers all the way babe :D

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Boser Wolf said...

does that mean youre a local again ?

might have a better chance now of catching up without having to wait for Muz to organise. he is too busy dodging dead birds


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