Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Vibrations

Greg, Spliffy and me

On Saturday I went to the Good Vibrations festival. It was the only festival I bought a ticket to this Summer. The main acts I wanted to see were Basement Jaxx, Friendly Fires and Salt'n'Pepa. At the last minute The Killers (who were supposed to be headlining) and Friendly Fires cancelled. I was a bit annoyed about Friendly Fires, but I saw them last year so I was sort of glad when they announced that one of the band members would be doing a DJ set instead.

The weather was pretty crappy, but that didn't dampen my spirits. Salt'n'Pepa were heaps of fun. The crowd were really into it. They started their set with some songs I was unfamiliar with, then played favourites Shoop, Whattaman, Let's Talk About Sex. and then Spindarella dropped some classic sing-a-longs like Shout, Celebrate, I Will Survive and the crowd were all really getting into it. Out of nowhere the oh-so-familiar Push it got dropped and the crowd completely went nuts. Fuck it was fun. Spliffy and I were bumping and grinding (quite poorly).

When they finished and the crowd had quietened down a bit they started talking about God. WTF? That's exactly what a bunch of drunk and drug fucked people want to hear about!

Friendly Fires DJ set was pretty average (and a little disappointing) compared to sets I've downloaded.

Basement Jaxx completely blew me away. Even though I've seen them heaps of times they still put on a great show with lots of surprises. Great costumes, dancing and lots of FUN :) The energy was electric, and dancing in the rain was special too. I can't really put it into words.

Sunday was a complete write-off and a timely reminder why I can't party while I'm at school.



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