Friday, June 12, 2009


Life has been changing rapidly and I LOVE it :)

I just glanced over my last post and it's nice to know that I've come a long way since then.

I finished my first term of school a few weeks back and I received 2 x High Distinctions, one for each of my essays. I'm really proud of myself. BTW. I LOVE school :)

I found the course particularly confronting at times and really useful in how I communicate with others. My listening skills have improved dramatically, I'm more assertive (who would have thought that was possible), I am managing my emotions better and I am more aware of my prejudices (which will help me to become less judgmental).

I learned that expressing my emotions when I communicate gives my message a lot more meaning, so it is important for me to understand how I feel, and to actually put effort into knowing exactly what I feel.

In other news, I was "expiration dating" this guy who was moving to Melbourne. I sort of fell for him a bit, probably because he was moving away. I'm heading down to Melbourne for a mate's b'day party next weekend so I will catch up with him then. I can't wait to party with my Melbourne friends.

I moved house last weekend. By complete fluke I discovered my neighbour was moving out, so I checked out his pad and discovered it shits all over my old place. 2 weeks later I was all moved in and living the high-life. More space, a huge lounge area and a balcony.

Nothing else to report really. Work is kinda giving me the shits, but as of next term I am going to double my study workload so that by this time next year I should have a Diploma in counselling, so hopefully i can leave this job and do something in the counselling industry. I might even be able to study full-time and finish my degree more quickly :)


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