Wednesday, August 06, 2008

whoa-oh.. we're halfway there...

I'm about halfway through my no-drinky-thingy. It's all going alright. The most difficult times have been at BBQs and at a friend's b'day party at a Mexican restaurant (which was a tequila fuelled event). I think i mentioned that I wasn't going to cut my hair or trim my beard until my birthday. This seems to be proving more difficult than first anticipated. I knew my boss wouldn't care, but my workmate keeps telling me she hates my hair, and to have a shave.

My beard is the longest its ever been and my hair is the longest it's been in over 2 years. I am using hair product and I hate it... and my hair still looks shit. It's enough to drive a man to drink! I am seriously contemplating giving myself a haircut.

I ate loads of crap on the weekend. It was fantastic. I was starting to feel a little bit guilty but I soon got over it when I weighed myself and realised that I've lost 5 KGs since I began my little health kick. Realising that I am halfway to my goal of losing 10KGs before my birthday has given me a big boost.

I'm heading up to Brisbane this weekend for 3 nights to help my mate celebrate his 40th b'day. It be nice to get away from Sydney. I'm going to check out the Picasso exhibition while i'm there and thats about all I have planned for the moment. My hotel has a spa and a sauna so I might be spending a bit of time enjoying them.


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