Friday, September 12, 2008


Black is the new black, apparently. I've had a few "new favourites" since I last posted. The Black Ghosts' self titled album is exceptional, but I have now discovered the Black Kids' album, Partie Traumatic and I can't stop thrashing it.

Life is good.

The last couple of months have flown by, we have launched our new website (it not entirely finished) and a concept i came up with for avant card is in pubs and clubs across Sydney at the moment. Also look out for our ad in this weeks SSO.

I went to Brizzie for a long weekend and enjoyed some quality time with myself. I did my head in a bit, but I left Brisbane feeling rejuvenated and energised. I still don't know why I picked Queensland of all places to go when I knew I wouldn't be drinking, it certainly was an eye opener, and a little scary.

Brisbane is a beautiful city, I was actually surprised at how gorgeous it was, it shits all over Sydney. When I was flying over Sydney about to land, the familiar feeling of comfort of arriving home had been replaced by a feeling of disgust at knowing how dirty and overcrowded Sydney would be. This was a little disconcerting.

I love my life in Sydney. I love my job. I love my network of friends. I don't love the overcrowded, polluted, fithy city that I live in. I think I'll stay at my job until I get sick of it and then live somewhere else for a while. When I speak to my brother, Pete, who lives at Port Douglas, I am starting to get more and more jealous of his lifestyle.

Blahdy blah blah.

I've done loads of interesting things since i last posted but I just couldn't be bothered posting anything except for the occasional mobile post.

I'm on day 98 of my 100 days of no drinking and it's been quite a ride. I am going o make a post of all my discoveries and observations before I have a drink.




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